1045 Induction Hardened

  • Induction Hardened and Chrome Plated Precision Ground Shafting, supplied in fibre tubes
  • This product is available in both imperial and metric sizes
Typical Analysis
C Mn P S Si
.45 .75 .030 .040 .20
  • As with chrome plated shafting, the basic material is cold drawn, precision ground and polished AISI 1045 shafting. It is first induction hardened which results in surface hardness of approx. Rockwell C 55.
  • This improves the properties of the bar and the extra hardness ensures superior wear resistance. The bars are then hard chrome plated in the same way as chrome plated shafting with the same advantages of corrosion and wear resistance. However, the induction hardened bar will give superior service
Typical Applications
  • Hydraulic shafting, oil and water pump shafting, rotary pump shafts, and piston rods
Chrome Plating
  • Finished thickness of - .0005" min per side (Winnipeg Branch: 0.001" min per side)
  • Hardness of chrome - Rockwell C 65/70
  • Surface finish - RMS 12 max
Induction Hardening
  • Case Depth – .050" min
  • Case Hardness – Rockwell C50 min
  • Allowance is made for the chrome plating and standard minus tolerances
  • apply as ASTM A29, Table A1.12
  • See AISI 1045 Chrome Plated Shafting
Mechanical Properties
  • Typical 75,000 psi minimum yield strength

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