17-4PH, T-630

Stainless Steel 17-4PH, T-630 (UNS S17400)
  • 17-4 Chromium-Nickel Precipitation/Age Hardening martensitic stainless steel
  • Available mainly in bar and plate - ASTM A564
Typical Analysis
C Mn P S Si Cr Ni & Cu Cb+Ta
15/17.5 3.0/5.0 .15/.45
  • 17-4PH offers a unique combination of properties: high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, good fatigue strength, superior resistance to galling and seizing, easily heat treated by a short, simple low temperature treatment with minimal distortion and no scaling. Parts may be finish-machined before hardening. It has good fabrication characteristics and is easily weldable.
  • T-630 is usually supplied in Condition 'A', commonly called solution treated, but it should be noted that it can be as hard as HB363, and is frequently HB 321/341. Also the steel should never be put into service in Condition'A' - the structure is untempered martensite, with low ductility and poor resistance to stress cracking.
  • See the Data Section for machinability ratings of Condition A and Condition H1150.
Typical Applications
  • Pump shafts, oil well valves, valve stems and bushings. Aircraft and missile fittings and components, marine propeller shafts and blades, pulp and paper mill equipment, orifice plates, chemical processing equipment, torsion bars, corrosion resistant gears.
Corrosion and Heat Resistance
  • The corrosion resistance is comparable to T-302/304 in most environments - a wide variety of conditions in the petroleum, chemical, pulp and paper, dairy and food processing industries. May be used in service temperature up to 400℃.

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