Continuous Cast Iron

80-55-06 Partially Pearlite Ductile Iron

Continuously Cast Iron 80-55-06 Partially Pearlite Ductile Iron
  • Grade 80-55-06 ductile iron will contain nodular graphite in a matrix of ferrite and pearlite. The pearlite/ferrite structure provides higher wear resistance and strength when compared to a ferritic grade of ductile iron. This material will be readily machinable with good surface finishes. Tensile and yield strengths will be similar to AISI 1040 steel in the as-rolled condition. This specification is similar to ASTM A536 grade 80-55-06.
Typical Applications
Fluid Power: Cylinder Blocks, Gerotors, Manifolds, Pistons, Glands, Rotors, Valve Bodies.
Machinery: Bushings, Chain Sheave Rollers, Chuck Bodies, Die Blocks, Gears, Gear Racks, Pulleys, Press Rams, Rotary Tables, Tie Road Nuts, Ways, Barrel Rollers (cement truck), Flywheels, Pile Drivers, Pulleys, Rams.
Transportation: Pulleys, Gears, Rail Spacers.
Pump and Compressor: Gears, Housings, Liners, Pistons, Rotary Screws.
Steel Mill: Guide Rolls, Pinch Rolls, Runout Table Rolls.
Miscellaneous: Disamatic Pouring Rails, Dies, Pattern Plates, Core Boxes, Grinding Rolls, Mill Liners.
Typical Heat Treatment
  • Grade 80-55-06 can be oil quench hardened from 1600℉ (885℃) to a Rockwell C 50 minimum on the outside of the bar. The inside diameter hardness will be less than Rockwell C50. Lower quench hardnesses on the inside diameters are a result of larger graphite nodules and not a loss of matrix hardness. Typical Jominy end quench test data are shown in the section on Heat Treating.
Mechanical Properties
  • The tensile strength is determined from a longitudinal test specimen taken from mid-radius of the as-cast bar.
  • Tensile strength (min) - 80,000psi
  • Yield strength (min) - 55,000psi
  • Elongation (min) - 6%
  • In bars under 1.5" diameter elongation will be 4-6%.

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