Continuous Cast Iron

G2 - Highly Pearlitic Gray Iron

Continuously Cast Iron G2 - Highly Pearlitic Gray Iron
  • This specification covers a dense fine-grained gray iron produced by the continuous cast process. The "highly pearlitic" structure is developed by alloy additions to the electrically melted base iron. This material is suitable for applications where higher strength irons requiring good wear resistance and response to heat treatment are required.
Typical Applications
  • Hydraulic-pump rotors, gear blanks, rams, machine-tool gibs, foundry patterns plates, ways, collets, etc.
Typical Heat Treatment
  • This iron can be hardened by fast methods, such as flame and induction hardening, in addition to conventional quench and temper methods. Gray Iron can be oil quench hardened from 1575℉ (85℃) to a Rockwell "C" 50 minimum on the outside diameter of the bar. The inside diameter hardness will be less than Rockwell "C" 50. Lower quench hardnesses on the inside diameters are a result of larger graphite flakes and not a loss of matrix hardness.
Mechanical Properties
  • Machining characteristics of this alloy are excellent. Although the hardness of the material is generally higher than found in static castings, the close grain structure, its freedom from inclusions, hard spots and porosity permit superior machining speeds
Continuously Cast Iron G2 - Highly Pearlitic Gray Iron Mechanical Properties - Hardness
  • Hardness properties listed are minimum, maximum across the bar. Hardness for shapes other than rounds will be supplied on request.
Bar Dia - inches Bar Dia - centimeters BHN min to max
¾ - 1 1/2 1.9 - 3.8 207 to 285
1 ½ - 3 3.8 - 7.6 207 to 277
1 ½ - 3 7.6 - 15.2 197 to 269
6 - 10 15.2 - 25.4 183 to 269
10 - 19 25.4 - 48.2 183 to 269

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