Staballoy AG17

Specialty - Staballoy AG17
  • For Non-Magnetic Drilling Components
Nominal Analysis
C Mn Cr N2 Si Mo
.03 20 17 .50 .30 .05
  • Staballoy AG17TM is an austenitic type stainless steel specifically developed for use under onerous drilling conditions. Control of critical elements results in excellent resistance to chloride induced stress corrosion cracking in the most aggressive drilling environments.
  • Staballoy AG17TM is a purpose designed composition offering excellent resistance to galling under high torque conditions. Mechanical / Magnetic properties in accordance with API 7 / Industry Standards. Properties are consistent throughout the length of every collar.
  • Staballoy AG17TM is available with optional "XL" warranty against stress corrosion cracking.
Physical Properties
  • The very high structural stability of the alloy ensures that magnetic permeability remains below 1.005. Hot Spot Guarantee - Every Collar is tested over its full length using a Foerster 1.068 magnetoscope and 1.005-4502 differential probe and is certified free from magnetic hot spots (maximum deflection - ±0.5 µT/100mm).
  • Staballoy AG17TM XL treated drill collars are offered with a three year warranty against chloride induced stress corrosion cracking. Warranty conditions available on request.
  • Staballoy AG17TM has excellent galling resistance with critical galling pressure approximately 7 times that of the conventional austeratic stainless steels. Using a laboratory 'button on block' test technique, in accordance with ASTM G98 procedures, and in make and break tests on machined connections, a critical galling pressure of 35 ksi has been determined. This compares with a value of 5 ksi for a standard nickel beating austenitic stainless steel.
Mechanical Properties
  • The required high strength is achieved by a combination of composition, control and strain hardening during processing. The guaranteed properties apply to the full length of every component. The following are guaranteed minima.
Specialty – Staballoy AG17 Mechanical Properties
  • Test material taken from 1 inch below outer surface or mid-wall (whichever is the smaller value). Tensile test to BS EN 10002 Part 1 or ASTM A370. Impact Tests to BS EN 10045 Part 1 or ASTM E23.
Drill Collar Outside Diameter < 6.7/ 8 inches 7 to 11 inches > 11 inches
0.2% Proof Stress (ksi) 110 100 90
Maximum Stress (ksi) 120 110 100
Elongation % 18 20 20
Impact Energy (CV) J60 60 60
Brinell Hardness 277 277 255
Specialty - Staballoy AG17
  • For Non-Magnetic Drilling Components
Stress Corrosion Cracking
  • a) Intergranular Resistance to Integranular Stress Corrosion Cracking is achieved by careful control of chemical composition. Freedom from susceptibility is demonstrated by testing to ASTM A262, Practice E.
  • b) Transgranular Staballoy AG17TM has excellent resistance to chloride induced SCC and is suitable for use in most onerous drilling conditions, eg high temperature / high chloride drilling muds. The laboratory data below illustrate the material's excellent corrosion resistance in a variety of test environments.
  • The possibility of cracking increases as stress approaches yield point and for the most arduous conditions, bore surface treatment by the "XL" procedure is recommended to farther resist initiation of stress corrosion cracking
Corrodent Stress MPa (ksi) Test Duration (Hours)
60% CaCl2 @ 130℃ 301 (43.8) > 5000 (not cracked)
Magnesium Chloride mud (20%) @ 115℃ 300 (43.5) > 2000 (not cracked)
Saturated NaCl @ 106℃ 400 (43.5) > 2000 (not cracked)
  • (Samples of the constain strain tensile type)

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