T-410, T-410S

Stainless Steel T-410, T-410S (UNS S41000, S41008)
  • 12% Chromium hardenable martensitic stainless steel.
  • Available in most forms - sheet and plate to A176 and A240; bars to A276, A479 and A193 Grade B6
Typical Analysis
C Mn P S Si Cr
.15 Max 1.0 Max .040 Max .030 Max 1.0 Max 11.50/13.50
C Mn P S Si Cr
.03 Max 2.0 Max .040 Max .030 Max 1.0 Max 18/20 Max
  • T-410 is the basic chromium grade in the '400' series. It can be treated by conventional means to develop high strength properties with good ductility. In fact, it is in the heat treated condition that T-410 develops its maximum corrosion resistance, particularly when ground and polished. And when heat treated to HRC 18/22, with double tempering, per NACE MR01-75, resists corrosion in severe sour gas environments. Excellent for highly stressed parts needing moderate heat and corrosion resistance with high strength.
  • T-410S limits the carbon content to .08% max for better weldability,mainly in sheet and plate.
  • T-410 is magnetic in all conditions. It has better machining characteristics than the chromium-nickel grades and is rated at 54% - 90 surface feet per minute.
Typical Applications
  • Machine parts, pump shafts, blast joints, blow-out preventers, pistons, valve parts, bolts, bushings, jet engine parts, rifle barrels, hardware, cutlery
Corrosion and Heat Resistance
  • Resists atmospheric corrosion, mild alkalis and acids, food acids, rural and industrial atmospheres. Resists scaling at temperatures up to 675℃ in continuous service.
Heat Treatment
  • Annealing - Heat to 850℃/900℃ for 30 min. per inch of section thickness and slow cool.
  • Hardening - Heat to 950℃/1000℃ and quench in oil, water or air according to section and properties required.
  • Tempering - According to properties required, but the range 400℃/580℃ should be avoided due to low impact values which result at these temperatures. Double tempered at 660℃/640℃ for SSC resistance.
Stainless Steel T-410, T-410S (UNS S41000, S41008) Mechanical Properties
  • T-410 Annealed - Typical
Spec Bar Plate
Tensile Strength, psi 75,000 70,000
Tensile Strength, N/mm² 517 483
Yield Strength, psi 40,000 35,000
Yield Strength, N/mm² 275 241
Elongation (%) 35 30
Hardness 156 149
Stainless Steel T-410, T-410S (UNS S41000, S41008) Mechanical Properties
  • T-410 Heat Treated - Typical
Spec Heat Treated to A276 Cond 'H 21/4"dia. Heat Treated to A193 Grade B6 - 13/4" dia Heat Treated to HRC22 max by double tempering at 1150℉
Tensile Strength, psi 137,900 129,000 100,000
Tensile Strength, N/mm² 951 809 -
Yield Strength, psi 115,300 109,000 80,000
Yield Strength, N/mm² 795 752 -
Elongation (%) 24 22 20
Reduction of Area (%) 69 71 40
Hardness 285 269 Rc 20

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